Never in my life would I have ever expected that I’d attend a formal ball with my partner in crime, dressed as our Uncharted OTP.

But we did. We totally did.

This was one of those life moments that was a definite highlight. Sometimes my brain can’t even comprehend it. To share something like that with someone who means so much to me… it was like a little nerd dream come true ♥

It was a last minute decision when we heard that Colossalcon was having a formal dance, but we figured that we were already halfway there with Del and her Talbot attire. I had a black dress laying around that I’d only worn once and figured it looked Marlowe-esque. I also found a red necklace to match Talbot’s tie, and we were good to go!

Arm-in-arm, we walked around the con feeling quite fancy (and evil as hell). Talbot escorted me to the ball like a true gentleman, and we danced the evening away~ and raised our glasses and laughed at those less fortunate and villainous than we~

That means you, Drake.

Ahem, where was I? Ah, yes.. It was a beautiful night to remember in the world of fandom and OTPS. And I wanted to share our joy with you. While we don’t have any photos from the ball itself, we took these in our hotel room afterwards. Tallowe4lyfe ♥

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    I don’t usually comment on posts but… damn.
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    Uncharted at the formal ball? Oh hell yes… All of the approval!
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    This was a lot of fun! Seriously- I wish more cons had a formal ball. Seeing tons of characters dancing with one another...
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